Added On April 7, 2020

The medical expert team sent by the Chinese government is in Manila to help the Philippines control the spread of COVID-19.

The 12-member Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team arrived in Manila on Sunday. It comprises medical experts in the fields of infectious disease prevention and control, clinic treatment, and laboratory testing.
Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian expressed hope that "the arrival of this team will help the Philippines improve its ability of epidemic prevention and control as well as diagnosis and treatment, so as to boost the confidence of the public in overcoming COVID-19."
Both Philippine Foreign Secretary and Philippine Health Secretary thanked China for its help to the Philippines in combating the fast-spreading viral disease.
SOUNDBITE(English): TEODORO LOCSIN, Philippine Foreign Secretary
"We're so grateful, because this is a new virus and the only ones who can really tell us how to handle it are those who fought it on the ground. Those are the people in China, the experts there. So this is deeply appreciated. Never be forgotten."
SOUNDBITE(English): FRANCISCO DUQUE, Philippine Health Secretary
"We're grateful to the Chinese government, to the people in general of China because of their benevolence, their generosity despite their own dilemma that they're facing, they have come forward to help us. So we truly will benefit from the support of the Chinese government."
Besides dispatching the medical expert team, China also donated to the Philippines a new batch of medical supplies, including 300,000 surgical masks, 30,000 medical N95 masks, 5,000 medical protective suits, 5,000 medical face shields, and 30 non-invasive ventilators.