S African communities receive medical supplies from China

Added On May 3, 2020

South Africa's Western Cape, the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country, has received medical supplies from China.

The medical supplies include masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and other materials.

The minister for Community Safety for the Western Cape thanked the Chinese Consulate and the Chinese local community.

SOUNDBITE (English): ALBERT FRITZ, Minister for Community Safety for Western Cape

"It shows that this is an international fight, this is a fight to save humanity, that nationality is secondary here. We really welcome all the efforts, all the contributions from the Chinese government and we are really grateful for it."

Chinese Consul General in Cape Town Lin Jing mentioned South Africa's support and assistance to China during the latter's most difficult period of fighting the virus.

He said now is the time for China to give back as solidarity and unity are critical to confronting the pandemic.

SOUNDBITE  (English): LIN JING, Chinese Consul General in Cape Town

"We need to exhaust our efforts to help our South African friends to fight against the virus. We can still remember during our most difficult period of fighting against the virus, South African friends gave us very precious material, moral support which we will never forget. This is the time for us to give our love, to give our support to our South African friends."

As of Tuesday, Western Cape has recorded more than 1,800 cases.