Official: Africa-China ties continue to grow despite COVID-19

Added On May 23, 2020

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Executive Secretary says Southern Africa anticipates that Africa-China cooperation will continue to grow despite COVID-19. 

During a recent interview, Stergomena Lawrence Tax said China will continue to be an important partner for Africa and the SADC region in particular.
There are many lessons that Africa can learn from China's handling of this pandemic, including the speedy identification of the COVID-19 genome sequence, timely sharing of the genome sequence, and the efficient way in which China curbed the spread of the virus inside the country. 
She said Africa expects this cooperation to be scaled up so China and Africa can continue to benefit from each other's knowledge and experience in managing the pandemic. 
Tax also said the SADC is particularly concerned with the growing trend of unilateralism whereby some countries are promoting protectionism and isolationism. African countries need to continue to take advantage of their diversities in terms of both absolute and comparative advantages, and work and cooperate with global partners for mutual benefits. 
The SADC, established in 1992, aims to promote socio-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among 16 Southern African countries.