My life in China| COVID-19: Marziehs campus life

Added On May 28, 2020

I want to bring you to come to our dorm. The place that we are living and studying. After entering the building, we have to register first. And then, there is something so interesting that I want to show you. Twice a week school prepares some vegetables for us. Because international students can cook in the dorms. After registration, I want to bring you to my room. First we have to use this, this is our dorm facial recognition system. This is my room. Recently we students already started to attend the classes.  But we can not go to classroom for attending the class. We should attend on-line classes. And now I can show you how it is. For example, every Thursday afternoon I have a class called "Western Culture History", and these are some references, documents and PPTs.  And teacher already sent (them)to us, send to students, and students have to read these and prepare something. And in the class we will discuss these topics. And teacher also give some guidance to us. The class is not the only on-line activity that we participate in nowadays. School of International Education (SIE) of Zhengzhou University also has some on-line seminars. Every week some students specially master students or PhD students give presentation in some different topics that they are interested in. And every international student can participate these seminars. Today I already showed you my lifestyle during this epidemic situation in our university. Nowadays China's situation already became better and better, and the situation in China is already under control. I really hope the whole world can stand together, and can overcome this issue, and fight this virus together. I really hope this and I really hope this dream become true very soon. So,whole world, stay strong!