U.S. citis impose curfews amid violent protests

Added On June 2, 2020

About 40 cities have imposed curfews, after marches and rallies turned violent over the last week. Both Washington D.C. and New York City imposed curfews on Monday. A curfew in Washington, D.C. started 7 p.m. Eastern Time and extend through Tuesday morning. Similar restrictions will also be issued for Tuesday. Journalists covering the demonstrations and other essential personnel are exempted from the new measure. Incidents of arson, vandalism and clashes between police and protesters happened when demonstrations turned violent Sunday evening in the capital. Police said 88 people were arrested Sunday night and two-thirds of those charged with felony. New York City also imposed a curfew Monday night into Tuesday morning. The city has deployed more police to help prevent violence and property damage during demonstrations. Both the city mayor and the New York state governor urged protesters to cover their faces as the city remains the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past four days, some 1,000 protesters were arrested for looting, attacking police or vandalism, among other acts. More than 40 police officers have been injured. Meanwhile, the New York Police Department is also under criticism due to excessive moves in several encounters with the protesters, such as accelerating their cars among crowds of people.