D.C. mayor asks Trump to withdraw troops

Added On June 6, 2020

The mayor of Washington, D.C. has requested that President Donald Trump "withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement and military presence" in the nation's capital. Trump has sent in forces to tackle the protests related to the death of George Floyd.

Muriel Bowser wrote in a letter on Friday that she has ended the state of emergency in the capital.
She says protests in the district have been "peaceful" and that unidentified federal personnel pose both safety and national security risks.
Bowser also renamed the section of a road leading to the White House "Black Lives Matter Plaza," honoring protesters in pursuit for racial equality.
Trump lashed out at the Democratic mayor on Twitter, calling her "incompetent" and claiming that she lost control of the city's budget.
Trump's threat to deploy active-duty military forces to quell the protests has drawn harsh and broad condemnation from both current and former officials.