China publishes white paper on COVID-19 fight

Added On June 7, 2020

China has issued a white paper on the country's battle against COVID-19.
The Chinese government released the white paper to keep a record of the country's efforts in its own fight against the virus, to share its experience with the rest of the world, and to clarify its ideas on the global battle.
The white paper, titled "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action," was issued by the State Council Information Office on Sunday.
It said facing the "unknown, unexpected, and devastating disease," China launched a resolute battle to prevent and control its spread.
Making people's lives and health its first priority, China adopted extensive, stringent, and thorough containment measures, and has for now succeeded in cutting all channels for the transmission of the virus.
According to the white paper, the cure rate for COVID-19 has reached over 94 percent on the Chinese mainland.
And China has provided free medical treatment for COVID-19 patients.
More than 3,000 patients over the age of 80, including seven centenarians, have been cured in Hubei, the Chinese province once hardest hit by COVID-19.
Many of these cured senior patients were brought back to life from the verge of death.
The white paper stressed that in a timely manner, China informed the World Health Organization and other countries, including the United States, of the developing situation, and released the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus.
It noted that having forged the idea that the world is a global community of shared future, and believing that it must act as a responsible member, China has fought shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world.
Accoring to the white paper, China has sent 29 medical expert teams to 27 countries and offered assistance to 150 countries and four international organizations by the end of May.
China also provided two batches of cash support totaling 50 million U.S. dollars to the World Health Organization.
Local governments, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and individuals in China have donated materials to more than 150 countries and regions, and international organizations through various channels.
Noting that the virus is wreaking havoc throughout the world, the white paper said China firmly believes that as long as all countries unite and cooperate to mount a collective response, the international community will succeed in overcoming the pandemic, and will emerge from this dark moment in human history into a brighter future.