Highlights of China's drug situation report 2019

Added On June 27, 2020

China's fight against narcotics has achieved remarkable progress in 2019. The following facts and figures were revealed in an annual drug situation report by the China National Narcotics Control Commission. Chinese narcotics control authorities solved 83,000 drug crimes in 2019, which led to the arrest of more than 113,000 suspects and seizure of 65.1 tonnes of drugs. There is clear evidence that 53.7 percent of the seized drugs were smuggled into China. Chinese customs investigated 268 cases of smuggling marijuana into China and seized 252.1 kg of the substance. In 2019, authorities identified 617,000 drug users, down 13.9 percent from the previous year. About 220,000 were sent to compulsory rehabilitation and 300,000 to community-based rehabilitation. By the end of 2019, China had 2.15 million drug users, 10.6 percent lower than the previous year, showing a decline for the second consecutive year. More than 2.5 million former drug users have not relapsed for three years since rehabilitation, exceeding the number of existing drug users for the first time. There is increasing use of logistics and courier services in drug trafficking, as well as internet-related drug crimes.