HKSAR gov't strongly opposes U.S. so-called "Hong Kong Autonomy Act"

Added On June 27, 2020

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has expressed strong opposition to the passage of the so-called "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" by the U.S. Senate. A HKSAR government spokesperson said the act and the so-called "sanctions" are totally unacceptable and will only harm the relations and common interests between Hong Kong and the United States. The spokesperson said that the implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle in the HKSAR is entirely the internal affairs of China, and no other state or legislature has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly. The spokesperson stressed that many of the comments on HKSAR affairs in the act are seriously misleading and absolutely unfounded. Regarding prosecution of people engaged in illegal protests, the spokesperson reiterated that Hong Kong has a well-established and fair criminal judicial system.