U.S. move to close Chinese Consulate arouses int'l criticism

Added On July 26, 2020

 The abrupt U.S. decision to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston has aroused concerns and widespread criticism.

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that the U.S. move directly contradicts the values that Washington has been preaching around the world for many years.
The spokesperson said, quote, "If a country defends its national interests and develops its economy in a legitimate way and not yield to illegal actions of the United States, then some automatic mechanisms are immediately switched on."
She noted that these mechanisms include threats, sanctions, seizures of real estate, arrests of people and closure of diplomatic missions.
Several scholars and experts describe the U.S. move as a "dramatic step" to deteriorate the bilateral ties.
A political science professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio said The current U.S. administration inclines to use "Cold War rhetoric and actions" in dealing with others. The shutdown of the Chinese consulate is self-defeating for the United States, and is a misguided election strategy which engenders greater animosity, a disruption in soft power relations, and unnecessary mistrust.
The former consul general of Poland in the Chinese city of Shanghai said The U.S. decision poses a serious threat to international security and to the coordinated efforts of the international community to combat the pandemic, which is already taking a cruel toll on the United States itself.
The director for Policy Studies at the Center for People Empowerment in Governance of the Philippines said The unilateral, abrupt closure request  is against international and diplomatic protocol with flimsy reasons.