Britsh media blasts U.S. campaign against WHO

Added On July 27, 2020

 A report by British newspaper The Guardian called the U.S. administration's campaign against the World Health Organization  "faintly preposterous".

Senior reporter Peter Beaumont said in a report on Thursday that Donald Trump's assault on the WHO is deeply worrying for global health, adding that Washington's move is to divert attention from its "catastrophic response to COVID-19.
The report said the actions of the White House have shifted from "dodgy dossiers and fake claims" to "a far more sinister agenda."
The report said, the withdrawal of the United States from the WHO reflects what U.S. diplomacy looks like in the Trump era, mentioning that "It is ugly, dishonest, bullying and cruel, a pathetic trade in self-serving tittle-tattle that damages not only public health around the world, but undermines America's claim to global leadership."
According to the latest Johns Hopkins University tally, the United States has reported more than 4.2 million COVID-19 cases with over 146,000 deaths, which are far higher than those in any other country or region.