China urges U.S. to immediately withdraw restrictions on Chinese diplomats

Added On September 4, 2020

  Department to immediately withdraw its decision to impose tighter limitations on Chinese diplomats.

At a daily press briefing held Thursday, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said China urged the U.S. State Department to immediately revoke the wrong move.
SOUNDBITE:HUA CHUNYING, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
"Such moves severely violate international laws and basic norms governing international relations, and seriously interfere with China-U.S. ties as well as the normal exchanges between the two sides."
The spokesperson said, China will make a justified and necessary response in light of the situation.
Hua's remarks came after the U.S. State Department announced Wednesday that senior Chinese diplomats will be required to seek approval to visit U.S. university campuses and meet with local government officials.
Chinese diplomats will also have to get permission to host cultural events with an audience larger than 50 people outside mission properties.
Stressing that China-U.S. ties are important to the two countries as well as the world, Hua suggested that both sides maintain a smooth channel of communication at all times.