Another COVID-19 testing team from Chinese mainland arrives in Hong Kong

Added On September 4, 2020

 Another 117 members of the mainland nucleic acid testing team arrived in Hong Kong Thursday for the Universal Community Testing Program (UCTP), bringing the total number of the team members to 427.

Amid a resurgence of the novel coronavirus, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has sought assistance from the central government to launch a universal screening for the virus.
Sophia Chan, secretary for food and health of the HKSAR government, expressed gratitude once again to the support and assistance from the central government at the welcome ceremony.
She said about 820,000 residents had registered for the universal community testing program as of 8 a.m. Thursday, adding that with the support from the mainland testing team, silent carriers will be identified more quickly.
The first batch of 60 virus testing professionals from Guangdong Province arrived in Hong Kong in August to participate in the preparatory work for the UCT Program.
So far, a total of 141 community testing centers have been put into operation across Hong Kong.
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