UN General Assembly President to end term

Added On September 9, 2020

At an end-of-tenure press conference on Tuesday, the UN General Assembly President said the UN has been very clear about the necessity to respect international law. SOUNDBITE (English): TIJJANI MUHAMMAD-BANDE, UN General Assembly President "The United Nations is a member state-based organization and it operates on the basis of what they are able to do together. This constitutes some of the difficulties." He said when countries that are extremely important to international peace and security behave more nationalistically, difficulties will appear. SOUNDBITE (English): TIJJANI MUHAMMAD-BANDE, UN General Assembly President "I think what we have to do is to continue to work even harder to insist on what is right and to have coalitions that continue to push together so that no country, big or small, will think there are no consequences to defy the rest of the membership." When answering a question about defunding the United Nations, the president said people are raising valid questions of getting the UN to focus on value for money and to be more transparent and to reform. These are legitimate demands of the global community that the United Nations serves.