Int'l community opposes U.S. claim of re-imposing UN sanctions on Iran

Added On September 21, 2020

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Saturday the United States will soon announce additional measures to strengthen implementation of UN sanctions and hold violators accountable. The U.S. unilaterally invoked the "snapback" on Aug. 20 after its attempt to extend the arms embargo against Tehran failed in the UN Security Council. The overwhelming majority of Security Council members asserted that the U.S. has no right to invoke the mechanism, as the country is no longer a participant of the Iran nuclear deal after its withdrawal in May 2018. Russia has denied the resumption of the sanctions on Iran, adding that efforts to maintain and ensure the sustainable implementation of the nuclear deal will continue. China's permanent representative to the United Nations expressed opposition to the U.S. unilateral move, noting that China is committed to upholding the efficacy of the Iran nuclear deal and the authority of the Security Council resolution. Britain, France and Germany, the three European participants who remain committed to the Iran nuclear deal, have issued a statement on Sunday denying Washington's right to impose sanctions on Iran and saying its actions have no legal effect. Iran on Sunday urged the United States to "return to the global community" and perform its duties. A spokesperson of Iran's Foreign Ministry warned that any action that violates Iran's sovereignty and international regulations will be met severely and without a moment of hesitation.