Survey: Chinese People Most Satisfied With Gov't COVID-19 Measures

Added On October 9, 2020

Academics from the United States and Spain surveyed nearly 13,500 people from 19 countries hit badly by COVID-19 to gauge public attitude about how their countries reacted to the outbreak. People were asked to grade their government's handling of the crisis, including how well lockdown measures worked, how strong testing regimes were and if vulnerable people were protected during the first wave. The result showed that Chinese people were most satisfied with how the Chinese government had responded, with China having the top score of 80.5 out of 100. South Korea in 75.5, South Africa in 64.6, India in 63.8 and Germany in 61.3 are among the top five best-rated countries. The average score for the United States was 50.6, ranking number nine and Britain ranked 13, with a score of 48.7.