UK media: Anti-China bias blinds people to opportunity

Added On October 26, 2020

Ray Dalio, a U.S. investment expert, has published an article in the Financial Times saying that The world order is changing, yet many are missing this because of a persistent anti-China bias. Ray Dalio said Despite some persistent doubt about the country, China is "succeeding in exceptional ways." He also said China has achieved some of the world's lowest COVID-19 case rates. China's economy grew at almost 5 percent last year, without monetizing debt. Just over the past four decades, China's economic changes have been remarkable. China's extraordinary performance isn't new. It has historically been one of the world's most powerful countries and cultures. He pointed out in the article that Chinese markets are opening up increasingly to foreigners. China is expected to enjoy favourable capital inflows that will support the currency, already at a two-year high, and financial markets too.