Global COVID-19 updates

Added On November 6, 2020

 According to Johns Hopkins University, global confirmed COVID-19 cases have surpassed 48.5 million, and over 1.2 million people have died of the disease.

The United States remains the worst-hit country in the world, in terms of both confirmed cases and the death toll.
More than 9.6 million infections and over 234,000 deaths have been registered in the country.
India came second with more than 8.3 million cases, followed by Brazil with nearly 5.6 million cases.
According to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of COVID-19 cases in the continent has reached 1.8 million, and over 43,900 deaths have been confirmed as of Wednesday.
As the COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Europe, many countries have imposed or will impose a new around of nationwide lockdown.
Greece registered 2,917 COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour span, a new single-day record as the country will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting from this Saturday.
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization reported over 47.9 million infections and more than 1.2 million deaths globally.