China refutes Australia's accusation of tweeting "fake image"

Added On December 4, 2020

 A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has refuted Australia's accusation that a Chinese official had tweeted a "fake image" about the Australian army's atrocities committed in Afghanistan.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) HUA CHUNYING, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson   
 "The accusation is false in itself as the image was never a real one, but a computer-generated illustration by a young artist. The concept is completely different. The image was based on a confirmed inquiry report by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Although it is an illustration, it reflects facts."
Hua noted that the Australian side was trying to shift the blame by hyping up the issue.
Citing an interview of the image's creator, Hua said what Australian soldiers had done was much more brutal than what's been portrayed in the image.
On November 19, the Australian Defence Force released the findings of the inquiry that heard testimonies from more than 400 witnesses. The inquiry found that "credible evidence" proved that special-forces soldiers murdered 39 people including prisoners and civilians during the war in Afghanistan.