Added On December 16, 2020

President Xi pointed out that Chile is the first continental Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with China, and the China-Chile relationship serves as a model of solidarity and win-win cooperation between China and Latin American countries. President Xi said Since the beginning of this year, the two countries, faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, have joined hands to fight the coronavirus and tackle challenges, which has demonstrated the profound friendship between the people of the two countries that features solidarity and mutual support. He stressed that China is fostering a new development pattern and promoting reform and opening up at a higher starting point, which will provide broader market and development opportunities for Chile and other countries around the world. President Xi said China is ready to expand investment in Chile in agriculture, mining, infrastructure construction and other realms, and cultivate new growth areas of bilateral cooperation such as scientific and technological innovation and digital economy. He said China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Chile in vaccine development and use, and provide as much support and assistance as its capacity allows for Chile's fight against COVID-19. Pinera, for his part, said that Chile appreciates the important strategic achievements China has made on such fronts as fighting COVID-19 and restoring economic growth. He added that President Xi's recent announcement of China's new measures on its nationally determined contributions to address climate change has made new important contributions to the world. He said Chile is willing to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with China, actively participate in cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, jointly safeguard a fair and free trade system, strengthen communication and coordination on major issues such as sustainable development and climate change, and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind.