Unprecedented winter storm hits U.S.

Added On February 17, 2021

 According to the U.S. National Weather Service, an "unprecedented" winter storm is stretching over 2,000 miles across 25 U.S. states, with more than 150 million people under a winter storm warning or winter weather advisory as of Monday morning.

The weather service said the prolonged "polar plunge" storm, with heavy snow, ice and record-smashing cold, caused widespread power shortage and wreaked travel havoc from southern Texas to northern Maine.
According to a utility tracking site, in Texas alone, more than 2.7 million customers were in the dark as of 10 a.m. local time on Monday.
The weather service reported that overall, more than 70 percent of the country was snow-covered as of Monday morning.
A USA Today report said more than 50 million people could see temperatures dip below zero during the next several days, noting that hundreds of daily record low temperatures have been or will be broken.