Huawei launches HarmonyOS 2 for smartphones

Added On June 3, 2021

Chinese telecom giant Huawei on Wednesday officially launched its operating system HarmonyOS 2 for smartphones, providing customers worldwide with a competitive alternative that works on a diverse range of devices.

HarmonyOS, or Hongmeng in Chinese, is an open-source operating system designed for various devices and scenarios. It first launched on Internet-of-Things devices, including wearables and tablets, in August 2019.
Huawei expects the number of devices equipped with HarmonyOS to reach 300 million by the end of this year, including more than 200 million for Huawei devices.
As a next-generation operating system for smart devices, HarmonyOS provides a common language for different kinds of devices to connect and collaborate, providing users with a more convenient, smooth, and secure experience.
Analysts believe that the new operating system will give an impetus to the global smart-device market and offer mobile terminal users more diversified choices.