EU imposes new sanctions on Belarus

Added On June 23, 2021

Seven of the individuals and one entity had sanctions issued in connection with what the EU believed a forced landing of the Ryanair passenger plane by Minsk and the alleged arrest of a dissident journalist on board. Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said the bloc is also preparing a series of economic measures against Belarus. The Council of the EU said that four rounds of restrictive measures on Belarus now apply to a total of 166 persons and 15 entities. Borrell said he did not exclude a fifth round of sanctions. The move came nearly a month after a Ryanair passenger plane en route from Athens to Vilnius was diverted to land in Minsk on May 23. The Irish airline said that the flight was directed to an airport in Minsk as crew on the plane had been alerted to a possible security threat by Belarusian authorities, adding that nothing untoward was found.