Afghan forces ready for counter-offensives amid Taliban advances

Added On July 8, 2021

Afghan Forces are getting prepared for counter-offensives to regain control of the lost districts amid Taliban militants' advances towards big cities.

Taliban militants launched attack on Qala-e-Naw city, the capital of Afghanistan's western Badghis province on Wednesday.
According to the province's governor, the attack has been repulsed.
Meanwhile, Taliban militants have tightened their offensives on Kunduz city, the capital of the northern Kunduz province, the neighboring Takhar's provincial capital Taluqan, and Faizabad, the capital of the Badakhshan province.
A spokesperson of the Afghan forces said amid the rapid Taliban advances, the government has been making preparations for launching counter-offensives to regain the lost territories.
The official also noted that the government forces had recaptured 14 districts from the Taliban outfit recently.
It is reported that the Taliban group has captured about 100 suburban districts, out of the country's some 400 districts in recent weeks.
Security in the war-torn country has been deteriorating as the Taliban militants continued heavy fighting with government forces and gained ground since the drawdown of U.S. troops on May 1.