Afghan conflict

Added On August 19, 2021

Afghanistan's capital Kabul has been experiencing relatively peaceful days since the Taliban took control of the city. The group has urged people to start routine life with confidence while declaring a general amnesty.

In a rapid but peaceful move, the Taliban fighters captured Kabul on Sunday. Since then the city has been calm with no major security incidents reported.   
However, the government offices as well as private and state-run schools and universities have mostly remained closed despite the Taliban's call on the employees to attend their offices and continue their work.
The Taliban also assured that foreign diplomatic missions, United Nations offices and non-government agencies can continue their work and it wants to have a broad-based government in Afghanistan.
Amid the fast-evolving situation, some Kabul residents are fearing the eruption of another war and worried about the uncertain future, as the intra-Afghan talks have failed to bear fruit.
During a live Facebook broadcast from the United Arab Emirates, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani claimed that he left the country to prevent what he described as bloodshed that would occur if militants had to fight for Kabul.
The international community has called for restraint and peace in the war-battered country.