China firmly opposes U.S.COVID-19 origins-tracing report

Added On August 30, 2021

China firmly opposes a report on COVID-19 origins by the U.S. intelligence community and has made strong representations with the United States.

Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Saturday that the report is made up for political purposes. There is no scientific basis or credibility in it. 
Ma reiterated China's stance that origins-tracing of COVID-19 is a complex issue of science which should and can only be undertaken by scientists around the world through joint research.
Without providing any evidence, the United States has cooked up one story after another to defame and accuse China. 
Ma said the aim is to use origins-tracing to shift blame onto China and spread the political virus.
The diplomat said the U.S. has been refusing to respond to the international community's reasonable doubts on the Fort Detrick biolab and over 200 overseas bases for biological experiments, adding that "the onus is on the United States to give the world an answer."